Monday, February 11, 2008

Can Referrals Be Enough To Keep Your Business Going?

There is little doubt that the best quality, references from your current customers who are satisfied with your product or service. But the fact that sufficient for your business grows, the pace you want? The answer depends on the industry you in A friend of mine has networking computing, and his company is 100% owned by the recommendation and the judge him. For my business, whereas we have a lot of references to our clients, if I am to this one, it would be barely enough.

The next question is - as you generate other? Try a close relationship with spheres of influence. As Web page design, business, we have different "partners" as companies SEO and information technology, businesses that are not offering the same service as we do, and often find their Customers us. After some time, we have a mutual trust with these partners, and they are excellent sources of recommendations.

E-mail marketing in May also work well. You can use the e-monthly newsletter to your customers and keep lists. We are trying more and more than a few useful information about our e-newsletter, and not purely salesy, if ever. He believes that reading and the man retains his interest.

We still have a few small exhibitions throughout the year, which is another way to generate leads. And ... Do not neglect the dreaded cold calls! Most of us do they hate, and place them, but they are very effective. Are they themselves - allocate some time every day - or hire purchase for someone else to do.

Overall, a large number of sales methods, and you have introduced from any angle.